Congratulations To The Graduating Veterinary Class Of 2020 With DVM360's Adam Christman

Graduation from any school is a notable accomplishment, but being able to get through four years of veterinary school is an extremely challenging endeavor and definitely merits some celebration.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the graduating veterinary class of 2020 did not have the opportunity to walk in a ceremony or participate in other activities typically experienced during graduation.

In order to help boost spirits and morale of the new class going into a professional field which has significantly changed over the past few months, Dr. Adam Christman of DVM360 asked me to join a series of other veterinarians and celebrities (special thanks to the incomparable Jane Lynch) in commemorating our field’s latest graduating class.

Check out this YouTube video Congratulations Graduating Veterinary Class of 2020!

I wish the new graduating class of the utmost of success. Despite the current challenges we animal healthcare providers face, new graduates will still be able to thrive if they determine the aspects of practice that best suit their interests and skills and focus on working around them.

Through California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness, Inc. I have found personal and professional success in the realm of concierge-style, integrative, house-call veterinary medicine. My current place was not where I envisioned myself when I graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine back in 1999, but I’m glad to have experienced so many aspects of veterinary practice that ultimately led me to my current place.

Between patient care, business management, media projects, and consulting, every day is a workday in some capacity. But, I have a practice that I can maintain and a good quality of life that supports my ability to best serve my clients and patients.

I hope this year’s and future graduates find success in their practices and are willing to forge their own path in their careers.

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