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PURE Dog Food

PURE dog food

There are many ways owners can choose to feed their pets, but as a holistic veterinarian I recommend meals that are human-grade and whole-food as compared to feed-grade and processed-foods like most commercially-available diets like kibble and canned.

In the late 2000s, the Melamine pet food crisis drove owners to pursue feeding options appearing closer to home-prepared diets. As a result, the number of whole-food canine and feline diets available for purchase in stores or online has grown. Plentiful options are beneficial for pets but create challenge for owners in deciding which recipes to choose.

That is why I am partnering with PURE to provide the best nutrition for my patients and feeding experience for their human caretakers.

PURE is dedicated to creating top-quality, whole-food, human-grade recipes that are veterinary-nutritionist formulated to meet nutritional levels established by AAFCO Nutrient Dog Food Profiles for all life stages.

PURE has five canine recipes, which either contain grain or are grain-free. To achieve nutritional balance, I recommended my dog patients have variety in their diets including moderate volumes of whole grains. With the recent reports of dogs developing dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) when eating grain-free, kibble-based diets over months to years of life (due to yet-to-be determined causes) my messaging of nutrient variety and inclusion of healthy, whole-food grains into canine diets rings especially true.

PURE is low-heat cooked at temperatures that kill pathogenic bacteria and make ingredients more digestible, but not under such heat that deactivates enzymes, denatures proteins, or creates chemical toxins.

Post-cooking, PURE is cooled then hand packet into pint and quart-sized BPA-free, recyclable, plastic containers which are frozen and freezer-stable for up to 12 months. Hand packing keeps PURE’s recipes looking home-made instead of the homogenous mush seen with foods that are machine-pressed into thin, non-recyclable, plastic packaging.

I love PURE’s containers, which are simple to transport, fit into my clients’ refrigerators in an esthetically pleasing manner, and don’t have to be placed into an additional receptacle to contain the unused portion that would otherwise leak out and cause a mess. Many of my patients eat a particular portion that makes for easy feeding right out of the container or scooping out the portion onto the container’s lid when on the go.

As I’m a California veterinarian I also want to support local economy. PURE is made in Los Angeles and sources ingredients from the same companies serving my home town restaurants.

Besides being delivered to clients’ homes via driver or FedEx, PURE can also be can be purchased locally at some of my favorite to shop for me or my patients, including Co+Opportunity & Market, Erewhon, Healthy Spot, and Jayde’s.

To order click Shop PURE Dog Food and when you get to the page to complete your purchase and you encounter How Did You Hear About Us choose Dr. Patrick Mahaney.

PURE is my top choice for my patients and I hope it becomes the prime pick for your pets.

Thank you,

Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ

PURE Chief Veterinary Officer

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