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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Shares Why He Recommends the Sleepypod Assisi Loop Lounge Air for His Patients

Dr. Patrick Mahaney Shares Why He Recommends the Sleepypod Assisi Loop Lounge Air for His Patients

I’m always interested in novel products that have therapeutic benefits for my patients. Considering I’ve been in veterinary practice since 1999, I’ve seen the evolution of many tools and techniques that can benefit the health and well being of the canines and felines for whom I caretake.

I’ve known about the Assisi Loop for many years and have seen the non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical-based therapeutic effects it provides in many of my patients. The Assisi Loop utilizes via targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™) to promote tissue healing while recovering from acute or chronic injuries and trauma.

When the loop is placed over or around a patient’s affected body part, the tPEMF reduces “accelerates tissue healing and reduces pain and inflammation in damaged soft tissue and bone” by upregulating levels of Nitric Oxide (NO), which is the body’s own anti-inflammatory compound.

The loop can also fit into a patient’s bed or other space they lay down and provide a similar effect. Such is why I’m a big fan of products like the the Sleepypod Assisi Loop Lounge™ Atom and Air carriers, which has the Assisi Loop technology built into a panel that inserts into the bottom part of the Atom and Air. This way, your pet can benefit from tPEMF therapy in your home, car, plane, or other places to which you travel.

I have many patients that have benefitted from this technology and those that receive it while sitting in the Loop Lounge™. The device also has a calming effect on my patients and they calm down and rest comfortably. I’ve even had other dogs in the house who don’t necessarily need to use the loop for health purposes climb into the carrier to take a relaxing therapeutic nap.

Sleepypod Air and Atom carriers truly serve as some of the safest means by which owners can transport their smaller pets. Many owners don’t thoroughly consider the potential for their cat or dog to be severely injured or damage should an accident occur, which is why I respect Sleepypod’s rigorous standards in having their carriers and harnesses pass rigorous Centers for Pet Safety testing and achieve 5-star ratings.

Check out my demonstration of the Assisi Loop Lounge Air featuring my Dachshund patient Dolly via the below YouTube video or by clicking this link Dr. Patrick Mahaney Presents Why I Recommend the Sleepypod Assisi Loop Lounge Air for My Patients

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