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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Your Intro to Pet Dental Cleanings

Happy Pet Dental Month. Although we just completed the annual commemoration of the needs to care for our pets' teeth and gums, owners need to realize that daily efforts must be made to reduce the potential for irreversible and life-threatening ailments that can occur due to periodontal disease. Laura Bennett (Embrace Pet Insurance CEO and Co-Founder) and Dr. Patrick Mahaney discuss all things toothy in this month’s podcast. Get ready to learn: 1. What’s done during a dental cleaning? 2. Are there any side effects from dental cleaning? 3. Does your dog or cat really need a dental cleaning? 4. What’s the deal with anesthesia free dentals? 5. Are there any things we can do to help keep our pet’s teeth healthy between cleanings?   Click here to listen to the podcast:
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