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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Summer Dangers 2015 with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

podcastEmbrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Summer Dangers 2015 with Dr. Patrick Mahaney The number of calls from pet parents looking for pet insurance quotes tends to increase in the summer, especially on Mondays. There’s no strong logic as to why, but my years on the phone clued me in to the fact that the weekend warriors play extra hard during the summer months, and their pets are often in on the action. Swallowed corn cobs at family reunions and rattlesnake bites on hikes during road trips were certainly common summertime issues, right along with the boring, but still costly, allergies, bug bites, and sun burns. We’re 100% in support of summer fun, but also 100% in support of safety, which is why we sat down with Dr. Patrick Mahaney to get his advice on the best ways to enjoy your summer without injury or unexpected vet visits. Here's what we're covering:
  • How dangerous is hot pavement on a dog's pads when walking?
  • Can you share your best advice for preventing insect, or even snake bites?
  • What is the best way to prevent sunburns on pets with light colored coats and pets that lack pigmentation?
  • My black dog loves lying in the sun, but should I worry about him overheating? He has shade options or can come inside, but seems to enjoy working on his tan.
  • Brachycephalic breeds are more prone to issues when it's very hot. Is there anything special we can do for them?
  • Can changing your pet's feeding schedule/food type during the summer cause problems?
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