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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Pet First Aid with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Are you aware that you (as the pet owner) can provide varying degrees of first aid when your canine or feline companion is in need?  Of course, some conditions need evaluation and treatment by a veterinarian, but owners are the first line of defense in starting (or completing) the treatment process for a variety of problems. 

Having a first aid kit for your pet and awareness of how to use the items is my top recommendation.  Next is having an open line of communication with your veterinarian so you can personally ask for treatment recommendations.

Check out this month's Pet Place Podcast in which Laura Bennett (Embrace Pet Insurance CEO & Co-Founder) and I discuss our perspectives on pet first aid. Click here to listen to the podcast in full- Feel free to share this link with your fellow pet-owning friends, family, etc. Dr. Patrick Mahaney Thank you for reading this article. Your questions and comments are completely welcome.

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