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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Dr. Patrick Mahaney on Pet Poison Dangers

I enjoy the chance to partner with professional associate (and fellow Penn alumnus) Laura Bennett from Embrace Pet Insurance for monthly podcasts covering a variety of pet health issues.  Poisons our pets may consume or be exposed to is a topic having year round relevance. Check out: Pet Poison Dangers (click link to hear the podcast on the Embrace website). Talking of pet poisons, here is Dr Patrick and me talking about pet poisons. Dr Patrick gives his top 5 reasons he sees pets from poisoning and the signs and symptoms of poisoning and what to do, plus questions from our friends on Facebook:
  1. Van: Which houseplants or cut flowers are a danger to cats? Which are safe?
  2. Kim: My dog Lola got into my prescription pills a few days ago and ate anywhere from 10-20 pills. She has some kidney damage and is back at the vet for another 48-72 hours of IV fluids. She is drinking excessively and her kidneys are not concentrating her urine, it is just going right through her. The ASPCA poison control have given our vets the protocol and we hope after the next 2-3 days she will fully recover. There is nothing more they can do so we are hoping her kidneys begin to function again. Is there anything else we can do to help the healing process?  
  3. Laura: Are there breeds of dog or cat that are more sensitive to certain compounds?
Links mentioned in the podcast are: Click the box below for the podcast. Laura Bennett & Dr Patrick Mahaney Pet Poison Awareness   Thank you for reading this article.  Your questions and comments are completely welcome (I’ll respond).
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