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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Dr. Mahaney's Tips for All Ages

Do you have a senior pet? If so, are you partnering with your veterinarian to attend to his special needs?
As part of my holistic, house call veterinary practice I attend to the needs of senior pets all of the time. Many have issued with pain that I strive to better manage with acupunture, laser treatment, supplements, medication, and environmental and lifestyle modification.
On this month's Pet Place Podcast, Laura Bennett (Embrace Pet Insurance CEO & Co-Founder) and I discuss many of the crucial aspects of senior pet care, including:
1. When we should consider our pets adults or seniors, and what does that even mean
2. Helping senior pets have a healthy diet
3. How to safely exercise your pets, young and old alike
4. What the routine checkup requirements are for your pets as they age
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