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Dr. Patrick Mahaney appears on Neptune Wellness Academy CBD Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to appear on the Neptune Wellness Academy CBD Podcast to discuss my perspective on the use of CBD in pets.

Although I don’t directly prescribe or recommend products for my clients to purchase, I’ve seen my canine and feline patients benefit from a variety of commercially-available treats and tinctures.

I always recommend that before owners start their pet on a CBD product that they first discuss with their veterinarian what is the best option for their pet’s needs. Not all CBD products are alike and therefore knowing about a product’s purity from pesticides, heavy metals, and other undesirable ingredients is essential. Some products even have THC, to which some pets may respond negatively (yet could benefit certain conditions at medically-appropriate doses), so knowing what is in your chosen product is key.

I feel most-comfortable having my patients consume products that are whole-plant extracts and not isolates, as there are components of the Cannabis sativa L. plant like terpenes and flavonoids that contribute to the beneficial entourage effect that may be lacking with isolates.

Additionally, I prefer my patients to take products manufactured by companies that engage in research on the use of CBD to benefit special animal diseases, like osteoarthritis, idiopathic epilepsy, atopic dermatitis, and more.

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