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Top Ten Pet Health Concerns: The Ways to Prevent or Resolve Them

My clients often ask me for my top tips to keep their pets healthy (and therby keep the entire family unit happier). I always tailor my recomendations based on the pet's overall state of health, age, activity level, lifestyle, presence of other animal and human household members, and other factors. As I get to know my patients very well over the years and am able to see with my own eyes what the home and yard enviroments are like and what kind of stressors a pet must endure as a result of the human family and other animal members I get more insight than what many veterinarians get in a 15 or so minute, in-hospital appointment. This is part of the reason why I advocate for house-call based veterinary medicine. Prevention is really the best medicine. It's generally less expensive to prevent diseases in animals as compared to addressing them once they arive as a result of lack of prevention. Additionally, some preventable diseases have irreversible consequences. So, a pet's health may never return to the state of normalcy it was once even if a disease is resolved. The following article is compliation of the health concerns I feel pet owners should feel are top priority in addressing from a preventive perspective. This article originally appeared in Rage Magazine, but the link is no longer available to share. Related articles Top Five Holistic Pet Healthcare Tips Processed Food vs. Whole Food: What’s Better for Your Pet? Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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