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Minor Health Scare Starts 2011 in Less Than Celebratory Style

Photo of Cardiff New Year 2011 2010 has been a great year for me, as it started with me being sick from IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) and headed toward its conclusion with my disease being fully in remission. As my health improved throughout the year, I went back to my normal playing, hiking, and socializing with my dog buddies. It seemed as though illness was barely visible in my rear view mirror. Unfortunately, a few days before the 2010 to 2011 transition, I started to feel sick. I had just returned home to my dads from my awesome pet sitter’s house (Have a Nice Walk Pet Care) when I started to vomit, have soft stools, incompletely finish my meals (very unusual for me), and act lethargic. These are some of the clinical signs I showed when my IMHA reared its ugly head of recurrence at the end of 2009(see IMHA Diagnosis Day- It’s Happening Again). To complicate matters, all this was happening right as we were heading to Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve. The intermittent nature of my clinical signs made my dad (also my vet) conclude that I was well enough to make the short road trip. Photo of Cardiff Stares at His Kitty Toy in the Pool Overall, I was feeling good enough to play with my kitty shaped squeaky toy in the pool and take a pleasant hike on a scenic trail above Bob Hope’s (former) house. Photo of Cardiff and I hike Palm Springs Near Bob Hope House Well, the likelihood that I was on the way to making a full recovery well was negated by the sudden loss of my lunch (actually, my dinner) on my comfortable travel blanket. Fortunately, the blanket prevented my hosts’ couch from being coated with my unsightly dog puke. My vomiting episode prompted my dads to pack up our belongings and head back home to Los Angeles. My dad was determined to find out if I my clinical signs were due to a primary gastrointestinal illness or if my IMHA had begun again. We went right to the hospital where he started a series of diagnostics tests. Fortunately, my red blood cells were plentiful and nothing remarkable turned up on my tests. Based on my rapid response to bland diet (home prepared turkey and quinoa), a probiotic (Purina Fortiflora), and an oral antibiotic (Metronidazole, AKA Flagyl), the diagnosis of bacterial gastroenteritis was achieved. Within 7 days, I was done with my medication and back to my spunky, Welsh Terrier self. So, although my 2011 did not start with a festive bang (despite how things look in the photo of me posed in front of CNN’s New Year’s eve broadcast), I am optimistic about the exciting play, travel, and snacking opportunities my dads provide me. Check out my dad’s veterinary tips for pet owners seeking to make 2011 the healthiest year yet! New Years Resolutions for Your Pet Part 1- Focus on Diet New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet Part 2- Commit to Daily Exercise New Year's Resolutions for Your Pet Part 3- Schedule Regular Veterinary Examinations
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