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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Appears on Spectrum News 1 Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen to Discuss CBD Use for Pets

I recently had the opportunity to appear on Spectrum News 1 Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen to talk about CBD use for pets. See Should You Give CBD to Your Pet?

I was joined by my client, friend, and one of my go-to dog trainers, Nicole Ellis, and her superstar pooches, Maggie and Rossi (who were both extremely cooperative for the shoot and really were the stars of the show).

The use us of CBD for pets is a controversial topic in veterinary medicine due to legal restrictions we veterinarians face in dispensing or recommending CBD products for our animal patients. Yet, at least California-licensed veterinarians can legally consult with clients about appropriate use of such products.

It’s crucial that veterinarians are able to advise our clients on what products to use for our patients that are commensurate to their needs. We have to strive to make sure the client is dosing appropriately and monitor the outcome, so we’re an essential part of the treatment process.

With the popularity of CBD products that are widely available on-line, in cannabis dispensaries, and in grocery and pet stores it makes it challenging for we veterinarians to keep up with all the options that our clients can purchase on their own and use without even consulting with us as to how to go about best using a product.

I feel it’s best for pet owners use CBD products having been involved in controlled research studies at veterinary teaching and speciality hospitals, as at least with those products there is data about expected outcomes based on regulated dosing and frequency and length of administration.

I’ve seen favorable responses to CBD tinctures and treats in my patients having conditions like osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease, epilepsy/seizure disorders, cancer, immune-mediated disease, and more.

Hopefully with time, research showing CBD products safety help with particular ailments, and changes in federal classifications of the Cannabis sativa L. plant veterinarians all over the US will be able to legally prescribe and recommend products for their animal patients.

Do you use CBD products for your pets? If yes, what are the products you use and how has been your pet’s response?

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