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Update on COVID-19 Concerns from PURE Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Patrick Mahaney and PURE Founder Lindsay Gores

Hello PURE family,

I'm Dr. Patrick Mahaney, PURE's Chief Veterinary Officer. Lindsay Gores and I want to let you know that we are taking efforts to protect you and your families in the face of health concerns involving COVID-19.

PURE already follows practices yielding high standards of cleanliness in our commercial kitchens, but extra steps are being taken to reduce potential for transmission of infectious diseases.

As there's potential that anyone could be infected with COVID-19 and not be aware of their infectious capabilities before clinical signs of illness appear, PURE is striving to minimize the chance our employees could share ailments by applying social distancing in spacing out our production team so that work shifts do not overlap.

When it comes to delivery, PURE drivers are not ringing doorbells or having direct interaction with customers. Instead, PURE drivers are communicating with clients via text as to the best option to leave deliveries in proximity to our customers' homes. FedEx shipments are being handled directly by their drivers and will be handled just like your other packages.

Since more families are staying home and stocking up on supplies to sustain them, we're experiencing greater demand for our products. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to meet all of your requests.

Although all of our retail partners (Healthy Spot, Erewhon, Jaydes, and Co+opportunity Market & Deli) have recently been fully stocked, we always recommend checking with your store of choice before embarking on the journey to purchase our product.

We hope you and your family members stay safe and healthy during this period of uncertainty in our modern existence.

Thank you,

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD, CVA, CVJ

PURE Chief Veterinary Officer

Lindsay Gores

PURE Founder

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