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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Covers the Integrative Approach to Treating Giardia lamblia Infections for DVM360

Have you heard of Giardia?  It’s one of the most-common parasitic infections of dogs.  It also has potential to infect people, but fortunately the strain that infects dogs does not cause infection in human.

There are multiple fecal tests for Giardia, which is something I advocate doing at least every six months with my patients in order to detect infections prior to the development of clinical signs (like bowel movement abnormalities, reduced appetite, vomiting, and more) and to prevent spread into the environment.

Besides conventional treatment with anti-parasitic medications, I also recommend taking the integrate approach to best support my patients needs.  Learn more about this perspective via this article for DVM360 Integrative approach to Treating Giardia lamblia infections

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