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House Call Consultations

My veterinary practice is more-specialized and personalized than the experience you have when you go to the typical general practice veterinary hospital. I work as a house-call, concierge veterinarian and heavily invest time and energy into the wellbeing of my patients.

In promoting my patients' best wellness or dealing with illnesses, I take a holistic approach that integrates both Western and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine. I closely look at what is going on in my patients' day-to-day lives that is contributing to mild to severe illnesses and take a preventative approach that doesn’t overly burden the body with toxins or potential inducers of inflammation/disease. Often, it comes down to identifying the aspects of my patients’ food, water, environment, activity, stress levels, sources of inflammation/infection, etc. that contributes to diseases or prevents them from occurring.

My house-call territory includes West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades.

An initial house-call consultation includes medical record collection and pre-consultation review, physical examination, environment/lifestyle assessment, dietary modifications, recommendation for supplements/medications, and more and generally takes 2 hours.

I can also provide laboratory diagnostics (blood, fecal, urine, and other testing). If more advanced diagnostics need to be done, such as an x-ray, ultrasound, or consultation with a specialist (veterinary dentist, cardiologist, dermatologist, internal medicine specialist, neurologist, surgeon, etc.) then I typically refer to specialists at Los Angeles-area speciality practices.

After I examine your pet, I send a comprehensive post-consultation email summary within 24-72 hours. This creates an ongoing thread of dialogue so we can correspond at any time. I strive to make myself highly available to my clients through email, phone, and text message. Even if I am not immediately able to provide a house call, I can still help within my capacity.

If you’d like to schedule a initial house-call consultation please email me with a brief summary of your pet’s health concerns and your location so I can reply with information about my veterinary services and rates so you can determine if what I offer is commensurate to your needs. I commonly book appointments two to three weeks in advance and I can often squeeze in new patients and those in need of more urgent treatment as soon as reasonably possible.

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