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What to Do When Your Dog is Diagnosed with Cancer: Treatment, Prognosis, and Aftercare


As you may already know, I'm very passionate about pet cancer awareness, treatment, and prevention. My own dog Cardiff is still in remission for T-Cell Lymphoma and it's been almost 3 years since his first diagnosis (he's had two Lymphoma episodes). I've learned so much about veterinary practice from Cardiff's illness over the years. Additionally, my colleagues at the Veterinary Cancer Group drive the proverbial ship in providing Cardiff and my other patients' cancer care and have provided me invaluable insight into chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or combination treatments to best get our canine and feline friends' cancer into remission. I enjoy the opportunity so share my insight on cancer in any way possible. So, I was enthused to weigh in this article for PetMD What to Do When Your Dog is Diagnosed with Cancer: Treatment, Prognosis, and Aftercare. Have you ever had a pet diagnosed with cancer? What did you do upon receiving the diagnosis? Feel free to share this link with your fellow pet-owning friends, family, etc. or on social media.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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