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How VacciCheck Antibody Titer Test Assesses Parvovirus Risk in Shelter Dogs

Are you familiar with canine parvovirus (CPV)?  Hopefully, your awareness stems from the communication you have with your veterinarian about providing appropriate parvovirus vaccination for your canine companion and not from having to see your pooch through an infection with this horrible virus.
Recently, VacciCheck  was featured in an educational webinar for Maddie’s Fund  on reducing parvovirus outbreaks in shelter dogs (and thereby the general canine population).
Using VacciCheck to determine the antibody titers (blood protein levels) for Distemper virus (CDV), Infectious Canine Hepatitis (ICH, AKA Adenovirus), and Parvovirus (CPV) can help ensure that dogs having protective antibody levels are then fast-tracked into being adopted into a forever home.
See the following downloadable PDF of the webinar: Evolving Strategies for Treating and Preventing Parvo in Shelter Dogs
Have you considered having your veterinarian perform antibody titers instead of giving your dog a Distemper combination vaccination just because you receive a card in the mail that says a vaccination is scheduled to be boosted?  Such is what I recommend for my patients and personal pooch (Cardiff).
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