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How to Identify and Treat Ant Bites in Dogs

Are you aware of the potenital for your canine or feline companion to incur injury secondary to being bitten or stung by insects? Bee stings are a common reason why we veterinarians treat patients on an emergency basis and often require combinations of medications to stop a hypersensitivity ("allergic") reaction that can have severe whole body effects.
Bees use a stinger to inflict damage, yet other insects are cable of using mouthparts to pierce the skin to inject venom, draw a blood meal, or generally irritate your pet with a sensation of discomfort. Ants are among the insects that are capable of biting our cats and dogs and creating the need for evaluation and treatment by we veterinarians.
Learn How to Identify and Treat Ant Bites in Dogs more in this article for PetMD.
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