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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Weighs in on 17 Popular Medium Sized Dogs via Woman's Day

Harper (front) and Shaggy (left) are Wheaten Terriers and examples of medium-sized dog breeds When pursuing ownership of a canine companion, are you a fan of small, medium, large, or giant sizes? Personally, I like a dog that is small enough to be scooped up and cuddled removed from a potentially injurious circumstance, or be put into an airline-appropriate carrier for travel. Such a dog would likely be more likely to be considered small and less than 25 pounds, as medium dogs tend to be bigger and take up more space. Every potential pet owner has their own preferences as to what size of companion canine best fits the bill. Additionally, although I generally advocate pursuing ownership of mixed-breed dogs from shelters or rescues, when a specific breed of dog is desired potential owners can go the route of doing their research and finding a reputable breeder employing optimal breeding practices to hopefully create the heartiest possible litters. I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an article about selecting the best breeds fitting into the medium-sized dog category for Woman’s Day author Colleen Stinchcombe. Learn more by clicking on 17 Popular Medium Sized Dogs and please share it with your fellow pet aficionados. If you have something, in particular, to say about medium-sized dogs feel free to contribute your perspective in the Comments section. Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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