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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Weighs in on The 10 Best Guard Dogs to Keep Your Home Safe via Woman's Day

Although the German Shepherd Dog is a breed known for its guarding prowess this one seems to be snoozing on the job Some dog breeds are conventionally known as guard dogs due to their size, general appearance, or temperament.  Yet, any dog of mixed or pure breeding could serve as a good guard dog for its household.
Not all dogs are meant to be protectors.  Therefore, if you are a potential dog owner seeking a canine companion to help protect your home or property it’s crucial to do your homework in becoming familiar with the physical and behavioral characteristics of the breed so that you’ll be aware of what you are potentially getting into in terms of the years of caretaking and responsibilities that lay ahead.   Additionally, if a particular breed is sought owners should work with a reputable breeder to get the healthiest dog possible.  
Just selecting the right breed or mix of breeds does not guarantee a well-trained guard dog.  Owners must establish a long-term relationship with a certified dog trainer to ensure that appropriate training practices are utilized to behaviorally mold a dog to serve its role as a protector without exhibiting harmful tendencies to other pets or human family members (and household workers).
I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an article about selecting dog breeds known for their guarding tendencies for Woman’s Day author Colleen Stinchcombe.  Learn more by clicking on The 10 Best Guard Dogs to Keep Your Home Safe and please share it with your fellow pet aficionados.  
If you have something to share about guard dogs please feel free to contribute your perspective in the Comments section.
Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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