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Dr. Patrick Mahaney Talks Pet Allergies on DogCastRadio

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Does your pet suffer from allergies of the eyes, respiratory or digestive tract, skin, or other body system? Allergies are quite common and are great imitators for other ailments, so it's important that suspect pet allergies are brought to the attention of your veterinarian.

Living in southern California, I see allergies in my canine and feline patients on a year round basis. I'm not only talking environmental allergies, as pets (anywhere they live) can also be affected by biting insects (fleas, flies, etc.), food allergies, and more.

There are also many holistic strategies owners can take to reduce the potential their pets will suffer from allergies, including the regular administration of dietary supplements like omega fatty acids, providing a whole-food diet, and more.

Check out my veterinary input on Episode 170 of DogCastRadio.

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Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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