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Leo Overcomes Flea Infestation to Continue His Cool Cat Career at Joolz Hayworth

I love being able to feature the interesting lives of other pets (and sometimes their people) on my blog. Cats are an especially keen interest of mine, yet my dad doesn't let me get too close as it is hard to resist the urge to put a kitty in my mouth. So, I mostly just correspond with them from afar and occasionally get to sniff or lick them in controlled circumstances. Here is the first guest blog post from Leo, a cool cat patient of my dad's veterinary practice who works a glamorous job at the stylish, California based design group, Joolz Hayworth. Photo of Leo Flatow Mans His Desk at Joolz Hayworth Dear Cardiff, Although my mom and I have not met you (yet), we had the pleasure of meeting your dad when Mom took me in for a check-up. Mom noticed I seemed kind of down because I was licking and scratching myself more than usual and instead of sleeping cuddled up next to her every night like I usually do, I was sleeping at the end of the bed. When she brushed me (which is my favorite thing in the world …except tuna fish!) Mom noticed little black specks in my fur. During the examination with your dad, we learned I was healthy. I even lost a pound, which is good because at 19 pounds, I could stand to take a bit of weight off! Your dad confirmed that the “bad” left eye that I was born with actually had some vision in it – who knew? Then we discovered that I had fleas. Your dad pushed some of my fur aside and Mom saw a flea run for cover! The black specks mom had seen were “flea dirt”, which is waste matter created by fleas (and NOT dirt from me rolling around outside!). To fight the war on fleas, I got a bath and then took a pill called Capstar for two days. The pill would make sure that if the fleas came back and bit me, they would die. Two days after the bath, we could apply Frontline. This is how long it would take for the oils in my skin to secrete after the bath, which would be needed to spread the Frontline. Photo of Leo Flatow Ready to Put His Paw Down Now I feel great. Mom says I have been “de-flea-ified.” I am back to my job as Director of Quality Control at Joolz Hayworth, my mom’s jewelry company. That’s me in the photo, at my desk, overseeing things at our corporate headquarters in West Hollywood. Thanks, Cardiff, for letting me share my story. I hope to meet you sometime. Meanwhile, Mom and I will continue to enjoy your blog. Best regards, Leo Flatow Director of Quality Control Joolz Hayworth LLC
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