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IMHA Medications and Supplements Require Convenient Closing Tool

I have been doing very well during the treatment for my third occurrence of Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). My red blood cell (RBC) level is now back to within the normal range, so my immunosuppressive medication regimen is starting to be modified. Fortunately, my dose and frequency of Prednisone have been tapered so I am having less “roid rage” and my skin and coat are slowly improving to their former healthy state. My dad has generously retired his pill dispenser (see above in pic with me) so that my medications and supplements can be conveniently dosed on a daily basis. To make my morning and evening administrations even more convenient, I now have a new AM/PM specific pill dispenser. Having my medications dosed out into quantities that are easily dispensed makes it easy for anyone involved in my care to administer the medications and supplements properly. The need for ease of medication administration was something we faced recently, as my dads traveled without me for the first time since early December ’09 when I got sick. I spent a few fun-filled days with Peter Gruscoff, from Have a Nice Walk Pet Care, who took such great care of me. I was happy to be one of the dogs in his “pack” and look forward to my dads’ next trip so that I can visit Peter again. My dad, who is also my veterinarian, recommends using an AM/PM pill organizer to any client who has a pet in need of frequent medication or supplementation. The more convenient the dosing, the more likely the dosing will occur. I readily take my pills in my food or a small amount of low sodium deli turkey. Yum Yum! More stories of my rebounding health to come soon! Feel free to leave any comments below.
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