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How to Treat Cat Scratches at Home

We veterinarians commonly treat our canine and feline patients for cat scratches, but people commonly suffer from the trauma associated with sharp claws. Besides discomfort and bleeding are you aware of the potential for disease transmission associated with cat scratches?

You can self-treat mild feline exoriations you may experience when interacting with your or other cats, but it's important to have such more-severe wounds assessed by your doctor. Besides simply ensuring scratches heal well it's crucial to be aware that bacterial diseases can transmit from cat to human via scratches and take appropriate steps to test for and treat such ailments. One such health problem is Cat-Scratch Disease (CSD), caused by Bartonella bacteria capable of creating health problems at the site of trauma and elsewhere in the body.

Learn more via this article for PetMD How to Treat Cat Scratches at Home.

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