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Everything You Need to Know About Nail Caps For Cats via


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Do you have a cat that is prone to clawing your couch or other sensitive surfaces (or you) around your home? 

Cat scratches are a common reason that motivates many pet owners to consider a variety of options to prevent trauma to the skin of their human and animal family members well as to their furniture and home interiors.  Concerns about scratching motivate some owners to pursue declaw surgeries for their cats or even to consider finding their feline friend a new home or pursuing euthanasia.
Fortunately, there are a variety of means by which owners can go about getting a handle on cat claws to sent destructive tendencies.  Besides regular nail trims and strategically placed scratching devices, nail caps are a means by which your feline friend’s nails can be kept from causing trauma.
Learn my veterinary perspective on this important pet (and human) health topic in the following article for Everything You Need to Know About Nail Caps For Cats
Have you used nail caps or pursued other means to get your cat’s scratching under control?  Feel free to leave your perspective in the below Comments section.

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