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Memorial for Riley the Golden Retriever

Being part of the transition of a beloved pet from our world to the next is always an emotionally challenging process. The decision to do so is always made with the utmost respect to a pet’s quality of life and we, as caretakers for our furry friends, make that humane choice for our furry friends. Photo of Riley Sit Glass Door Reflection
Recently, I had to help one of my favorite patients, Riley, make his ultimate exit. Riley had been an acupuncture patient of mine for nearly a year. I initially was involved in his treatment to help manage his orthopedic pain. Unfortunately, cancer gradually emerged, but Riley had a great quality of life for many months after his diagnosis. I have so many good memories of the time I spent with Riley and even more photos of his sweet face. Here are the words of one of Riley’s dads, who accompanied him for until the end on their shared spiritually journey. Photo of Riley Smiling Pink Tongue Riley departed this world today at 3:36pm with the same grace, courage, and generosity that he lived his constantly challenged life. Yudhishthira would be blessed to have known this dog, a furry prince of the highest nature.  If you met him, you were loved by him.  John and I are beyond grateful for the time and love he lavished on us, including fighting cancer in charming ways that defied medical logic and waiting for me to return from India. Photo of Riley Sleeping Deeply Thank you, Dr. Mahaney, for redefining vet medicine in unimaginably compassionate ways.  I personally wish to thank Yogiraj Siddhanth for guiding my heart as he does and Riley's soul to "heaven". OM NAMAH SHIVAYAH You are so entirely welcome! It was an honor to be part of Riley's care. Dr Patrick Mahaney
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