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Memorial for Maki The Maine Coon Monster

Photo of Maki Handsome ProfileThis spring has been emotionally difficult for me, as I some of my favorite pet patients are no longer around to brighten the world with their charm and amiable appearance. Maki was an amazing feline friend with a point of view that needed to be shared with the world, which he did on Cardiff's Blog via Maki From NYC Stretches His Claws and Writes Purrfectly.Photo of Maki Couch Pose Maki recently left us, but this fond recollection from his devoted mother (and good friend of mine) will ensure Maki is never forgotten. Maki was my first cat, I rescued Maki from a friend of mine, who had him since he was a kitten. I was highly allergic to cats, so getting a cat was out of the questions. I have heard stories that Maki was a very tempermental cat and would often swipe at people who he doesn't like. As a non cat lover, I was always very cautious around him. After months of searching for a new home for him, I had decided to take him as he was about to go into a Shelter. He was about 5-6 years old then. I remember that day vividly like it was yesterday, it was around March 2005, freezing cold in New York City and I had just moved into a temporary apartment on West 53rd Street with a new roomie. Maki stayed in the closet for a couple of days, only making appearances at night like a Vampire when everyone was asleep. He was definitely not a very affectionate cat, he didn't like to be patted for a prolong period of time and he certainly wasn't a lap cat. He was a male cat with a lot of pride. So I just let him be for a couple of weeks. I figured, he will come to me when he's ready. I came back from a business trip, I was sitting in front of the TV with my laptop on my lap. Out came maki, he jumped on the sofa and sat and just stared at me. I was a little afraid of him, I thought he may want to take a bite at my hand. He then laid down and rested his head on my lap. That day onwards, I knew he was ready to be my cat. Maki had consoled me on many heartbreaks, many sleepless nights and many happy days too. At time of sadness, he would lay next to me, looking straight at me and would rest his furry paws on my face. I would tell this to many friends who have had the opportunity to meet the "Monster" side of Maki, and they would think I am making the "sweet and lovable" Maki up. But it is a front Maki have always kept- Cool on the outside, but he really was a sweet person inside.Photo of Maki Cute Face Front We moved to Los Angeles in Oct 2005 and lived there for 3 years- he enjoyed the sunshine, I would catch him sunbathing (tanning his belly) often in the living room, sitting by the window in our LA kitchen, communicating with my neighbour's cat and I often find him hiding in my suitcase when I would pack for a trip. In Oct 2008, we moved back to New York City, and settled in a lovely studio apartment in the Gramercy Park area. He had the opportunity to meet some of great friends and my family from Australia. On April 2011, Maki was diagnosed with Liver, Kidney and GI Lymphoma, the news broke my heart and I still cry about it every day. I had to make the worst and most difficult decision of my life to put him to sleep on April 7th. The wound is still fresh and I miss him everyday. Maki was more than a pet to me, he was my companion, my best friend and my one great love. He will not only be missed, he is also irreplaceable. Photo of Maki Stretch We miss you Maki! Dr Patrick Mahaney and Cardiff
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