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Memorial For Gromit The Grand Great Dane Mix

Photo of Gromit Rests During Acupuncture TreatmentOne of my long term patients recent passed away after a long life filled with adventure and quality social interaction with other dogs from the Rascal and Chloe Rescue. Gromit was a very regal soul inhabiting the body of a a Great Dane mix. Here are the words of Gromit's caretaker, who was there until the very end and always did the utmost to give Gromit the best quality of life possible. He was the most soulful dog who ever lived. Kind, gentle, athletic, smart and affectionate. He was in his youth the fatest dog in the dogpark. He would run until he dropped chasing the ball, racing full speed to get it, racing to bring it back, dropping right in front to get thrown again and chased again. He would never want to stop and would never tire. In the car back he’d smile the biggest smile all the way. He wanted to be human and would cock his head sideways often in trying to understand human speech with an inquisitive look on his face. He was a prince among dogs and he will be very missed. Photo of Gromit Looks Bright And Alert We miss you Gromit! Dr PM
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