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Jane Lynch Celebrity Interview with Lucy Postins

Jane_Lynch_InterviewAre you familiar with Honest Kitchen’s CEO Lucy Postins, who recently interviewed Emmy-Award winning and Hollywood Walk of Fame-recipient (and my client) Jane Lynch.

Read on, for a behind the scenes look at life with Jane’s gorgeous Lhasa Apso Olivia, and Jane’s thoughts on our Charity of the Month, The Rescue Train.

This month, I’m excited to share an exclusive short interview that I did recently with our good friend, actress Jane Lynch. As you probably know, Jane has had roles in many amazing movies and TV shows, from Best In Show (my personal absolute favorite movie ever) and Wreck It Ralph, to the fabulous Glee and more recently Hollywood Game Night.

Read on, for a behind the scenes look at life with Jane’s gorgeous Lhasa Apso Olivia, and Jane’s thoughts on our Charity of the Month, The Rescue Train.

THK: What do you like most about The Rescue Train’s work?

Jane: There are so many wonderful rescue organizations out there that deserve support for their good works. Why I chose to work with The Rescue Train is simply Lisa Young who started founded it. Her commitment to saving animals and finding them good homes is amazing. She is tireless and compassionate. Every year around Halloween she hosts a very successful event called Race For The Rescues out at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena inviting several other rescue It's a walk/run around the Rose Bowl then a Halloween costume show with rescued dogs and cats resulting in the adoption of every single one of them every year!

THK: How long have you had Olivia, and what are some of her quirkier habits?

Jane: I've had Olivia all her life and she is now almost 15. She's a Lhasa Apso and like many of her breed, she prefers being the only object of adoration in the home. If I (or anyone for that matter) stops rubbing her she will snarl and growl and bark demanding it continue. She adores people as opposed to other doggies who she dismisses with her nose in the air. Her favorite place in the whole world (next to being almost on top of me 24/7) is the airport. She welcomes the recently arrived with wagging tail fully expecting all to reach down and pet her - which many do.

THK: Who would Olivia be if she were a celebrity?

Jane: Zsa Zsa Gabor

THK: Which is Olivia’s favorite Honest Kitchen product?

Jane: Olivia is a turkey lover and she is crazy for Honest Kitchen's Embark. The smell alone as I'm preparing it gets her all excited.

THK: Our official Honest Kitchen vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney, is one of Olivia’s vets. Anything you’d like to share about working with him?

Jane: Olivia loves when Patrick comes over even though it sometimes means she has to be poked and prodded which she is not a fan of. She never holds this against him and continues to greet him excitedly. As long as there's an Honest Kitchen treat (Beams are her favs) at the end of a visit, she's all good with Patrick.

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