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Jane Lynch and Rich Eisen Reveal They Share the Same Veterinarian (Dr. Patrick Mahaney) on The Rich Eisen Show

I recently had the unique experience of having two of my clients discuss my role as their veterinarian on a major media outlet. Rich Eisen has been a client of mine for many years and I have greatly enjoyed working with his family to care for his dogs over the years.

For full disclosure, I’m not a big football fan and when I first started helping the Eisen family I didn’t realize that Rich was such a sporting superstar until I saw one of his sportscasting appearances. I then Googled Rich and saw his vast media history and became aware of The Rich Eisen Show, his program on the Audience Network and NFL Now. Subsequently, I’ve seen him in Courtyard Marriott television commercials and Katy Perry’s video for Swish Swish.

The Rich Eisen Show features a variety of celebrity guests from the sports world and beyond. On 11/13/18 my client Jane Lynch was featured while promoting her new Disney movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet. One of the show’s segments is called Celebrity True or False and Rich revealed that he and Jane share commonality with me serving as their veterinarian.

Their jovial exchange (starting around the 12:30 mark) goes like this:

Rich Eisen- “By the way, this is not part of Celebrity True of False, but we share the same veterinarian, Dr. Patrick Mahaney. He’s the best in the business.”

Jane Lynch- “Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Yes, he’s best in show, for sure. Smartest guy.”

Rich Eisen- “And that’s such a funny movie (re: Best In Show, the move in which Jane gained cult status as Poodle trainer Christy Cummings).” Thank you Rich and Jane for the accolades and for referring to me as best in show. After all, Best in Show is one of my favorite movies, which first introduced me to the engaging personality and sharp wit of one of my favorite clients, Jane Lynch.

Click Jane Lynch Talks "Ralph Breaks the Internet" & Much More w/Rich Eisen | Full Interview | 11/13/18 to view the segment on YouTube.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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