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IMHA Diagnosis Day — “It’s Happening Again!”

Unfortunately, my red blood cell level is continuing to decrease and I am still feeling lethargic. This sucks! I was feeling so good last week when I was visiting my dads’ family and friends in DE, DC, and PA. My doctors feel as though it is best that I start to get medicated with drugs that will suppress my immune system from destroying my red blood cells. I guess I will comply, as I really want to feel better. I got my first dose of Prednisone (“Pred”) in a tasty piece of turkey. The good thing about being on Prednisone is that I get to eat a much as I want! Actually, the medication makes very hungry and thirsty. I also have to urinate more frequently and may be more prone to secondary infections. These are small prices to pay to be able to run around in my “crazy dog” post-bath behavior once I my red blood cell counts are up. My doctor gave me subcutaneous fluid, which goes under my skin between my shoulder blades. It is kind of like taking a large drink of water, but I don’t even have to open my mouth. As my jaw (temporomandibular joint) still is kinda sore, I don’t mind the fact that my hydration completely bypasses my gastrointestinal tract! In the above picture, I am resting comfortably on the floor of my friend Casey's house. I was laying on her very comfortable couch, but I ate a lot of food this morning and I vomited it all up on her couch! She is a really nice lady and did not get mad at me for getting sick. I am so lucky that my dad can occasionally take me with him when he goes to his clients' houses to do acupuncture on their pets. Going to Casey’s house certainly cheers me up, as I get to see my dog friends Cosmo, Dakota, Felix, Miranda, Que, Summer, and Swell. I got to tell them all about how to best let Casey and James know when they are not feeling well. If they have a disease like my IMHA, some of the first clinical signs an owner may see are lethargy, decreased appetite, pale gums, and panting.
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