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I Inspired Joan Tucker to Create Art in My Likeness

I love my new painting! It was made for me by the fabulous artist, Joan Tucker, who also happens to mom to my pal and my dad’s patient, Oscar. The painting, titled “Dog Park”, is a super cool representation my doggy style and I am so honored that Joan channeled her creativity for me.

My dads and I will cherish the painting forever. The painting hangs in my dad’s office over his desk, so that he will always be reminded of me. Even though I make my presence constantly known by sitting at his side or on his lap, there will be a time that I am not around. I have cheated death twice already (see Using Integrative Veterinary Medicine to Treat Illness Affecting My Dog- Part 1 and Part 2), but I am doing my best to stay healthy and live as long as my hearty, little body will hold up.

You may recall Oscar from his guest blog post “Conversations With Oscar- Do You Play With Tennis Balls”. Oscar and I like to hang out and reminisce about our pre-neuter days while sharing space on his comfy couch.

Photo of Oscar and I Lounge on His Couch

Oscar is one of the coolest pooches I know. Actually, I am kind of envious that Oscar was almost part of CBS' the Late Show with Dave Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks. Realistically, I think it is best fitting that fate (AKA Sting) intervened and Oscar’s late night TV moment never arrived. With his ball throwing skills, Oscar is too smart and talented to be memorialized as part of under the classification of stupid tricks.

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To see more amazing examples of Joan Tucker’s work, check out her website.

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