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How To Protect Your Pet's Joints

Are you aware that your cat can suffer from a common condition that affects many humans (and dogs, and other species)? Arthritis is joint inflammation, which can be a short or long-term and always painful condition. When joint inflammation does not resolve, there can be permanent damage to joint surfaces which causes reduced range of motion, further inflammation, and ongoing discomfort. Such is why I recommend my clients (and pet owners worldwide) do their best to prevent arthritis from happening in the first place. This approach combines lifestyle modificaitons (calorie restriction, prevention of trauma, etc.) along with the use of natural anti-inflammatory and joint supporting supplements and medications. Learn more via my contributions this article for Prevention Magazine: How To Protect Your Pet's Joints. Dr. Patrick Mahaney Thank you for reading this article. Your questions and comments are completely welcome. Please feel free to communicate with me through Twitter (@PatrickMahaney) and follow my adventures in veterinary medicine by liking Patrick Mahaney: Veterinarian Acupuncture Pain Management for Your Pets on Facebook. Copyright of this article (2017) is owned by Dr Patrick Mahaney, Veterinarian and Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist. Republishing any portion of this article must first be authorized by Dr Patrick Mahaney. Requests for republishing must be approved by Dr Patrick Mahaney and received in written format.
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