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Hiking Runyon Canyon With My Canine Companions

I had such a fun day today hiking with my girlfriend, Lucia, and my pal, Puma. As a group, we successfully scaled Runyon Canyon to partake in the amazing views of Los Angeles from the top. I love being outside on the trails with my favorite canine and human companions. Today, I was the leader of our pack, but we all stuck together and had a great day. Puma was not feeling his best, so our pace was slower than usual and we stopped on frequent occasions to sip fresh water. With the latest occurrence if my Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA), there have been many occasions in the past few months that I have not felt my best. During my most anemic days, I was glad to have the support of my canine pals. So today, I was totally content to hike at a milder pace for Puma’s sake. Puma and I have had so many good times at the beach, on fundraising walks for Best Friends Animal Society, and energetically bounding up canyon trails. I hope that Puma and I will energetically conquer our next adventure very soon. Lucia normally keeps up with me, but she too was not as energetic as usual. Unlike Puma, she did not have a health concern; Lucia is carrying extra winter weight that we are striving burn off by summer. Fortunately, I am healthy enough to have frequent play sessions and hiking excursions with Lucia, so we should have her svelte again for our upcoming beach outings. Despite her Rubenesque appearance, she is still just as beautiful. Don’t we look cute together in our photo? Photo of Lucia and I perched above Los Angeles Thank you for reading my latest blog post. Please feel free to share my story with other pet lovers. To get a link to my next post emailed to you, press the “Don’t Miss a Blog Post” button and sign up! Cardiff
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