Dr. Patrick Mahaney Named 2019 Best Vet by Modern Luxury Angeleno Magazine The Luxe List

I moved to Los Angeles in 2006 at 32 years of age in search of my forever home where I could have an optimal quality of life in a warm and urban climate while figuring out how to best to make my mark on the world as a practicing veterinarian.
At the time I was completing to veterinary Chinese medicine and acupuncture training and knew that I wanted to have my own business. Yet, having worked in veterinary hospitals in DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington I developed the sense that opening a brick and mortar facility of my own was not the optimal route for me.
Fortunately, I had an aha moment while driving my canine companion Cardiff around in the Hollywood Hills to dog parks I saw mobile groomers and veterinarians and realized that I could have my own mobile veterinary service.
In 2008 California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness (CPAW), Inc. was born and since then it has organically grown on a referral basis to become my primary occupation. Needless to say, being a concierge-style, holistic, house-call veterinarian has exceeded my expectations as to what I can offer Los Angeles-area pet owners as a practicing veterinarian and has afforded me experiences beyond what would otherwise be attainable if I was not a veterinary service provider.
Now, 13 years later (and at the ripe age of 45), I am pleased to learn that Modern Luxury Angeleno Magazine named me the Best Vet in the January/February 2019 edition's The Luxe List (click the link to view the article online and check out the screenshots below).
Thank you Modern Luxury Angeleno Magazine for this recognition.
I’ll continue to dedicate myself to providing the best possible care for my patients and
strive to keep my clients having an optimal relationship with their pets.
Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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