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Conversations with Oscar- These TV Peeps, What a Wacky Bunch They Are

Oscar and I have had the chance to become "dog blog" pals. Here is the second installment of our ongoing conversation. Dear Cardiff, I've been thinking about you a lot lately because Dr. Patrick and I had so much fun last week working on the pilot for a new TV series called "The V Team". I'm sure you know all about this since he is your peeps and he is "The V". Have you been on the show yet? It's all about how Dr. Patrick uses these really cool and different things to make us animals feel better. I think I heard him saying that he even visits horses...can you imagine that? I met a horse once, but I'll tell you about it later. Anyway, these TV peeps, what a wacky bunch they are! Dr. Patrick and I just did our usual thing. He petted me and massaged me all over. Ooohh, so good! Then he did that crazy thing with the needles and the carrots. Well, he did the needles and Joan did the carrots. I don't know what I like better? The carrots are so delicious, but the needles, that's the real treat. I get so quiet and relaxed that it’s hard to keep my eyes open. Getting back to those TV people, they keep interrupting us and the cameraman was so busy starting and stopping and moving and kind of driving me crazy! I wonder how I looked with all those needles in me? I tried to give the cameras my best adorable puppy look. The needles and massage calmed me so much that was asleep and snoring instead of giving my cutest look. Fortunately, my peeps think my sleeping look is pretty cute too and let's face is. You know Cardiff, I'm really feeling good. I get to eat foods I thought I'd never have a chance to try. I eat funny green things, (of course) carrots, and some smelly fish oil that makes my boring food really scrumptious. These were all recommendations that your Patrick told Joan to give me. They all seem to be enjoying themselves and when the peeps are happy the pooch is happy! Check out my website, for updated on Oscar's adventures.
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