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Conversations With Oscar- Do You Play With Tennis Balls

I love the opportunity to have conversations with my fellow canines. I recently became acquainted, via email, with my dad’s acupuncture patient, Oscar. As you will see, Oscar is quite a celebrity in the pet world. I can’t wait to meet him sometime soon! Dear Cardiff, I feel as though I already know you. I've heard so much about you from Patrick. He is one cool guy and such great hands! But, I think I'm getting ahead of myself. About a month or two ago, I was limping around on three legs, my hip was tight, I didn't feel good at all...not my usual athletic self. Did I tell you I auditioned for the Dodgers to throw out the first ball of the season? Anyway, I waited for the peeps (Joan & Paul) to get the message. They can be soooo slooow sometimes! Finally, they called our good friend David know him, don't you? He’s that really nice vet at Los Angeles Veterinary Specialists...well anyway, he told the peeps, who finally were very nervous...Hello! what took so long??? call your dad, Dr. Patrick. He came over to the house...what a treat that is...although I do love a car ride....but anyway, where was I? Oh Yeah! Dr. Patrick, the guy with the hands. He came over and petted me all over and rubbed me soft and hard...sooooo good.  Is that what the peeps call a massage? Loved it! Then, get this, he started putting these tiny needles all over my body. Crazy! All the petting kinda chilled me, plus, this is hysterical, Joan kept giving me baby bites of carrots. Until now, I never really liked carrot. I heard Dr. Patrick telling her I should be a little slimmer, so carrots, broccoli, even this funny looking stuff called cauliflower are part of my diet. It’s a whole new world, but anyway.... Dr. Patrick, the guy with the hands, put these tiny needles in my body. It was no big deal, sort of like those nasty fleas bites that we never get anymore because of that stuff they put on us once a month. Oh, never mind. So, Dr. Patrick put in the needles, then I dozed a little. While I was in my acupuncture induced haze, he and Joan chatted the way the peeps like to do. I prefer a good butt sniff, but that's another story. Dr. Patrick then took out the needles and, here's the hysterical part (isn't it all just too funny?), I felt great and ready to play again. Dr. Patrick said to "take it easy!" HA if...but we're trying to take it easy . No wild, high fly ball and not too much jumping. I heard him say we'd see him soon. I can't wait. Oh, by the way, I have to tell you this because you're my friend...I LICKED Dr. Patrick all over his face when he finished. Please don't be mad at me. I couldn't help it. He’s so nice and I think he's making me feel better. Photo Of Oscar Gives Dr. Patrick A Post Acupuncture Lick If you really want a laugh, ask your dad to show you my website. Ok, Ok..I knows it's silly, but the peeps enjoy it and I'll do whatever they want to make them happy. You know how that goes. I look forward to playing with you soon. Do you to play with tennis balls? I do (see my video)! Oscar Wild
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