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Canine & Feline Osteosarcoma: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

"Typical appearance of osteosarcoma in the carpus (wrist) of a dog. Photo credit Animal Cancer Imaging Center Cancer is one of the worst diagnoses any owner can get as pertains to the health of a beloved pet.
Like in humans, there are numerous types of cancer that affect many of our canine and feline companions' body systems. One cancer that severely compromises a pet's quality of life and ultimately leads to the euthanasia decision as a result of the extreme pain it causes is osteosarcoma.
Osteosarcoma is a malignant cancer of bone. Malignant means that there's a high likelihood that the cancer will spread and generally holds a worse prognosis. Benign means that there's a lower likelihood that the cancer will spread and generally has a better prognosis. Regardless of being benign or malignant, all cancers should be taken seriously and merit consultation with a board-certified veterinary oncologist to get the best assessment as to the treatment options available and the prognosis for remission and return to an acceptable quality of life.
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