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Rescue Cat Pretzel Thrives With Foster But Yearns For Permanent Home

A few months back, I introduced you to Pretzel the cat (see Please Help Pretzel the Cat Survive Another 7 Lives). At the time, Pretzel was in the initial process of recovering from a series of potentially life threatening traumatic abnormalities. Since then, Pretzel has continued to improve. Now she just needs a new, permanent home. The veterinarian that saved Pretzel from euthanasia and corrected many of her problems, Dr. Monica Revel, has generously been fostering her. According to Dr. Revel, Pretzel is “walking, jumping, and leaping like nothing ever happened!” If you would like to see for yourself how Pretzel moves, check out this You Tube Video link. [youtube][/youtube] (Here they call her Toast...I prefer Pretzel. You can call her whatever you want if you adopt her). I have given Pretzel a series of acupuncture treatments to improve her sensation and ability to use her hind limbs. Here is a video of her walking after one of her treatments. [youtube][/youtube] With time and consistent acupuncture and physical therapy, she is walking and moving exceptionally well considering the trauma her little bones incurred. Now we come to the serious part of our update. Pretzel (or Toast?) still needs a new, long term, loving home. If you are interested, or know of anyone that may want to adopt Pretzel, please contact Dr. Monica Revel ( Make sure to Like this story on Facebook using the link (below) on this page. Use the Tweet and Share This button to get Pretzel's story to other pet people . Pretzel is a super sweet kitty and deserves an awesome home, especially considering all that she has gone through in her short life. Thank you, 
Dr. Patrick Mahaney
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