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Memorial for Rescue Dog Robie

I love having the opportunity to work with animal rescue organizations in the Los Angeles area. In the transition from summer to fall, some of my senior canine and equine rescue patients have passed on from their physical bodies. I recently helped a noble, senior dog, Robie, leave this world in the comfort of his own home. Present by Robie’s side was his primary caretaker (who is also the president of the Rascal & Chloe Fund, Inc), who shared the following memory of Robie’s life. Robie was the sweetest, most faithful, the least demanding, happy go lucky doggy I've ever met.  He was always content in life and moseyed on around with a casual air of innocent sweetness up until almost the very end.  He was smart as anything and when he started to ail would always let you know when he needed something.  He was a great friend who added a spark to everyone's life and the household and he will be sorely missed. Robie’s medical care was funded by the Rascal & Chloe Fund, Inc., which provides veterinary care for a variety of animals in the Los Angeles area. If you are interested in making a contribution to fund treatment for other rescue pets, please visit the Rascal & Chloe Fund, Inc. website and follow the PayPal link on the bottom of their webpage. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for sharing in Robie’s memory. Dr. Mahaney
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