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They Love Us

Dr. Patrick Mahaney. The best doctor ever. I wish he worked with humans too.

Joanne Wiles

Dr. Mahaney (PM) has been my veterinarian for the past 12 years, guiding me through the journey of parenting 3 wonderful but “complicated" rescue dogs. Not only has he provided my furry friends with meticulous medical and holistic care, but he continuously has enriched my experience as a caregiver - educating and empowering me by sharing his breadth of knowledge.
Having Dr. PM provide wellness visits in our home, as well as referrals to the best clinicians in town, has dramatically enriched the lives of my pets, and my experience as a dog mom.

Lynn Pollock

We are so lucky to have Dr. Mahaney in our lives 😄🐾🐾💕

Naidra Thomson

If you ever need to know how much someone appreciates you just ask me!!! You are the BEST!

Michelle Rosenberg

Dr. Patrick Mahaney. He’s the best in the business.

Rich Eisen

Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Yes, he’s best in show, for sure. Smartest guy.

Jane Lynch

After our dog passed away we missed Dr. Mahaney so much that we had to get another dog.


Dr. Mahaney changed my dogs' lives dramatically by changing their diet, suggesting the important addition of vitamins and supplements, and providing laser and acupuncture therapies for my geriatric dog. Within a short time their mobility, digestion, and coats improved dramatically. The best part is never having to wait in the line at the vet. He is always available by phone and FaceTime in an emergency and treats my dogs in my own home.

Louise Linton

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