Help Send Dr Patrick Mahaney to Peru with Amazon Cares

February 10, 2011

As a child, my parents instilled a sense of philanthropy in my siblings and me. I vividly remember the afternoons my mother and I spent driving around Bloomington, Indiana delivering Meals on Wheels to families in need.

Photo of I Examine Lacee with Leo Grillo From the DELTA Rescue As an adult, my veterinary work aims to improve the health of my animal patients, therefore positively affecting the well being of the concerned pet parent. My practice puts me in clients’ homes, hospital facilities, and rescue sites to provide care to dogs, cats, and even a few horses (see Meet Honeybuns the Burro). Significant quantities of my time and energy are spent giving hands on treatment to my patients, maintaining ongoing phone and email dialogue with my clients, and researching additional therapeutics to improve my patients’ conditions.

Photo of Lou, from The Soup, is a Patient at TLC Pet Medical Center in West Hollywood

My years of clinical experience have provided insight and perspective which guides me in the seemingly endless novel directions in which my veterinary career ventures.

I have always wanted to help animals and people on a larger scale basis than permitted by working in a clinic or in clients’ homes permits. This is why I started writing my perspective on pet care and veterinary medicine in Patrick’s Blog and other media outlets.

Additionally, I am finally at a place where I can undertake my first “vet abroad” project. A fortunate meeting with Amazon Cares president, Molly Mednikow, at Blog Paws West 2010 (Denver, CO) has evolved into my plan to volunteer my professional services for Amazon Cares in April 2011. We will be trekking into the jungles of Peru to provide veterinary treatment to dogs and cats belonging to owners having limited access to pet care in their Peruvian community.

Photo of I get to Feed the Willaby

As volunteering in this capacity requires a significant financial investment, I need your help to send me to Peru. I challenge you to make a tax deductible donation of $25 (or more) to my Amazon Cares cause. Any funds received exceeding the $3000 needed to fund my trip will be further utilized by Amazon Cares.

Please visit this Amazon Cares webpage to make a secure donation. At the Donation Dedication prompt, please click “on behalf of” and write Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Then, type in under “please send acknowledgment of this gift to:”.

I will mention your contribution in my You Tube video blogs and those written on Patrick’s Blog, which will detail all the challenging experiences my time in Peru will provide.

I am greatly looking forward to the professional and personal growth I will experience on this trip. Making a real difference in the lives of people having pets but lacking access to veterinary care is truly rewarding.

Phot of Wild Autsralian Parrot of Boni Beach

Thank you,
Dr. Patrick Mahaney
California Pet Acupuncture & Wellness (CPAW), Inc.

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