Senior Golden Retriever receiving electro-stimulation acupuncture.

Are you aware that just like people, older dogs can develop various degrees of decline in their brain function that can negatively impact their quality of life?  Doggie dementia is a real thing and well known in the veterinary community as canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD).

Beyond being older, there’s not one specific reason why dogs develop CCD, yet there can be many contributing factors some of which are preventable. Additionally, there are numerous therapeutic and lifestyle options pet owners can take when it comes to striving to best manage CCD.
I recently had the opportunity to contribute my veterinary perspective to People Magazine for the article Senior Dogs Can Suffer from Dementia Just Like People Do; Find Out If Your Older Pup Needs Help.  Click the link to view the article online and learn about recognizing signs of CCD and means by which you can potentially help your pet life the best quality of life possible despite the condition.
Thank you to Saryn Chorney for reaching out to me to contribute to this important article.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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