“Dr. Patrick Mahaney provides house call laser treatment for his Chinese Crested patient Charlie”

Remember back in the day when doctors made house calls to attend to their sick patients in the comfort of their own homes?  Well, house call medical practice never went away, but most people are so familiar with idea of going to the doctor or veterinary hospital to address their or their pet’s health concerns that they seemingly forget about the house call option.

I’m very fortunate to have moved to Los Angeles in 2006 where I had an “aha moment” that I needed to start my own house call practice while driving my dog, Cardiff, to a dog park up in the Hollywood Hills.  In 2008, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness (CPAW), Inc. was born and it has become my full-time practice where I offer an holistic  approach to my patients’ wellness and illness.
Personally, I feel that the house-call model of veterinary practice has perfectly suited my skill set and interests in medical service provision.   Yet, there are some aspects of house call practice that seemingly work better in clients’ homes and others that are more-appropriate for an in-facility setting like a veterinary hospital.  Such is the crux of this article to which I contributed for Rover.comSee Can I Get a Vet Who Makes House Calls? Yes, Please. 
Have you ever pursued a house call for your canine or feline companion.

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

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