Radiograph (x-ray) of a normal, adult dog’s thorax (chest). Photo Credit: Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Heart disease is one diagnosis that greatly concerns many pet owners when it is given to a canine, feline, or other animal companion by the veterinarian overseeing the pet’s health.

Fortunately, there are many types and varying degrees of severity when it comes to heart disease.  If your pet is diagnosed with a heart or blood vessel abnormality owners can find some relief in knowing that being aware of the pet’s diagnosis is crucial and taking appropriate measures to determine the exact nature of the ailment is the next step to promote the best possible quality of life.
Some cardiac conditions can be managed by your general practice veterinarian, but others may need to be evaluated by a veterinarian who specializes in disorders of the heart and blood vessels known as a veterinary cardiologist.   Your regular veterinarian should be able to provide a referral if your pet’s heart condition is more-concerning and merits being assessed by the veterinary cardiologist.  You can also search for a veterinary cardiologist in your area via using the search too in this link American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.
Want to learn more about heart disease in dogs?  Check out this article Canine and Feline Heart Disease: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
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