Keeping a pet optimally healthy involves an open stream of communication between pet onwers and their veterinarians.  

An important component of pet health involves building the immunity to certiain diseases through the administration of vaccinations.  Rabies is a disease that is zoonotic, which means it is capable of passing among species (i.e. animals to humans).  As a results, Rabies is considered a Core Vaccination and is legally required for all dogs (and highly recommended, but not requried for cats) in my home state of California.

Yet, when dogs have immune-mediated disease (i.e. autoimmune), cancer, or have had anaphylactic (allergic) reactions to previously administered vaccinations veterinarians must take a different approach to immunity besides simply administering a vaccine because a manufacturer-recommended booster date has come or state law mandates a booster be given.

Such is why I’m a fan of Molly’s Bill (AB 258) , a 2012 law passsed in CA that gives veterinarians the ability to apply for some dogs having certain illnesses or history of vaccine associated adverse events (VAAE) to be exempt from Rabies booster vaccinations.  

Learn more via the ABC 7 WJLA program The Pet Show with Dr. Katy.  Pet Show: Molly’s Bill changes rabies law

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