Contrast radiography of megaesophagus in a five-week-old German Shepherd puppy. Photo Credit Dr. Maureen Rankin/VIN

The esophagus is a structure crucial to overall health, as it’s the tube that transports food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach.  

When the esophagus improperly develops, is traumatized by punctures or chemical irritants, or when it improperly functions from a variety of other causes the condition megaesophagus can occur.
Megaesophagus is extremely difficult for we veterinarians to treat and can potentially be fatal to your canine or feline companion.
Want to learn more about megaesophagus?  Check out this article for The Honest Kitchen Megaesophagus in Canines & Felines – What Is It & How It Affects Your Pet’s Health 
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