Meet Honeybuns the Burro

March 23, 2010

Picture of Honeybuns the Burro

Recently, I have had the opportunity to get to know a sweet, 20-something lady as a patient in my veterinary acupuncture practice. You see, Honeybuns is a burro, which is a donkey having genealogical roots in Mexican stock.

Honeybuns has lived the majority of her quarter century of life with a “club foot,” which is a potentially debilitating orthopedic abnormality.

Surgical intervention was moderately successful, but she exhibits ongoing lameness and has developed secondary osteoarthritis in multiple limbs.

As a result of the chronic nature of her illness, Honeybuns has been exhibiting lethargy and decreased mobility.

Honeybuns is fortunate to have been accepted into DELTA Rescue, where she will live her remaining years with regular veterinary care, healthy foods, fresh water, and a safe environment.

She now receives acupuncture, along with dietary and injectable joint supplements as part of her pain management protocol.

Since the onset of this integrative (combination of conventional and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine) approach to her treatment, Honeybuns' muscular and joint pain have improved.

Her overall demeanor is more bright, alert, and responsive.

I look forward to providing ongoing pain relief to Honeybuns. She is a very cooperative patient who rightfully deserves a second chance to lead a happy and comfortable existence.

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