Dog Named Little Onion Survives Wild Boar Attack

April 25, 2011

Photo of Tamanco Sign PeruWhen our boat pulled up to the scenic village of Tamanco on the Amazon River, I was greeted by a grassy field filled with children at play, cows turned out to pasture, and a few barking dogs corralling their human and bovine herd. The idyllic scene made for a pleasant day doing challenging veterinary work for Peruvian communities in remote locations through Amazon Cares.

Photo of Cebollin Little Onion Dog Peru
Cebollin (“little onion”, or chives), one of the canines I treated, has an interesting story of survival from a trauma with which no patient of mine has previously ever presented. Cebollin was hunting in the Amazon Jungle with her human family members and got into an altercation with a wild animal. Her right side head abrasion and medial (inner) right pinna (ear flap) puncture mark came from a bite of a boar. As a at least one week had passed since the incident and Cebollin’s wound appeared to be in need of help to completely heal.

Cebollin was anesthetized for a spay and treatment of her porcine (pig) induced wounds. Her owner was educated on appropriate home care and given oral antibiotic therapy.
Photo of Cebollin Little Onion Dog Recovers From Surgery Peru

Through the free clinics Amazon Cares offers to communities in Peru, dogs like Cebollin will have the opportunity to live a better quality of life.

Photo of Dr Patrick Mahaney and Cebollion Little Onion Dog Peru

Besides the great experience working on Cebollin, the village of Tamanco also provided the most picturesque view I have ever seen from a surgery suite.

Photo of Cows Tamanco Peru

Please help Amazon Cares continue to make grounds in enhancing the health of dogs and cats in Peru by making a tax deductible donation to their cause. As I am donating my time, experience, and labor to Amazon Cares, the other volunteers and I would appreciate your financial aid.

Thank you to i Love Dogs premium canine supplements for your premiere sponsorship of our vets abroad trip into the Amazon Jungle in the name of animal welfare.

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