Memorial for My Acupuncture Patient Zeik

January 12, 2011

Photo of Zeik Close Up

I recently had to help Zeik, a long term acupuncture patient of mine, move onto his next plane of existence. Although it is very hard to let a beloved patient go, Zeik’s time had come and he passed on very peacefully.

Zeik’s dad shared some of his fond memories of this spirited canine’s life.

• his intelligence and curiosity, and his brave defense of ourselves and the home.

• his independent spirit and will; sometimes a bother, ever a source of wonder and amazement.

• the way he got very excited about going out for a walk or car ride, jumping up in the air like he was a terrier, or jumping on and off the bed, over and over.

• how he’d grumble in disagreement, or gently nip at me if I was taking too long to take him out.

• his dislike of, but eventual resolve to deal with rainy days.

• the way he snorted and grunted when we cuddled with him.

• seeing him looking out the dining room window as we arrived home.

• taking him to the beach and watching him have fun with the other dogs, running around, always the fastest dog.

• hikes to Runyon Canyon, and how he’d walk many, many yards ahead, but would always stop to look back and make sure we were following.

• how he’d patiently wait for us to finish dinner, so he could get his “second dinner.”

• the peaceful sound of his snoring.

• his obsessive love of sushi.

• watching him play or just relax with his buddy Sonny.

• how excited he got about arriving at Kevin’s house, before we moved in together.

• I’ll even miss him “unwrapping” the presents left under the Christmas Tree.

Photo of Zeik Smiles While Riding in Car

We miss you Zeik! I hope you are smiling while riding in that big car in the sky.

Dr. Mahaney

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Shawn Finch, DVM January 21, 2011 at 6:10 AM

Dear Zeik’s Dad and Dr. Mahaney,

Wow, what a wonderful dog and what a loving tribute. Zeik is beautiful. He looks so happy in the picture in the car! He was so blessed to have his family and his great doctor. I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to him.

Patrick Mahaney January 21, 2011 at 7:30 AM

Thank you for your kind words Shawn!

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