Saks Fifth Avenue Hosts Launch Party for Miss Lillys Trading Company Cookies

December 5, 2010

Photo of Saks Fith Avenue MLTC Signs

Attention cookie connoisseurs. Are you looking to give your loved ones a fabulous holiday gift of cookies that support charitable causes? Such gifts are now available at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, where the exclusive launch of Miss Lilly’s Trading Company (MLTC) cookie gift tins was recently celebrated.

You will recall MLTC and Bebe Flynn from the my story “Profiling an animal angel’s cookies”, which introduced you to Flynn and her philanthropic deeds. A portion of the proceeds from MLTC products goes to Meals on Wheels and impoverished pets.

Photo of Bebe Flynn with Miss Lilly

Flynn, a West Hollywood based entrepreneur, gave her version of red carpet glamour sporting a chic Akris pant suit with Dior makeup by Saks cosmeticians. MLTC’s mascot and inspiration (also one of my favorite patients), Miss Lilly, also made an appearance and posed for photographs.

Saks went all out in hosting the grand event. Attentive waiters passed around trays of sweet potato fries, sliders, and smores paired with mini glass bottles of milk. Libations flowed freely, which socially lubricated party attendees and relaxed their vice-like grip on their wallets.

Beautifully arranged display cases featured turquoise painted dog bones complimenting metal gift boxes emblazoned with the MLTC logo. Dog treats are not yet part of the MLTC line of products, but a tasty human cookie called a Butter Bone is available. Just a friendly reminder that the bone shaped Butter Bones should not be fed to your dog! Fortunately for your pet, MLTC healthy dog treats will be coming in 2011.

Photo of Saks Fith Avenue MLTC Display Case

Philanthropy was the hot trend of the evening, as Meals on Wheels was further represented by Cart for a Cause. The classic, functional food truck Cart for a Cause uses in their Los Angeles area cuisine distribution cheerfully dispensed a variety of MTLC cookie samples.

Holiday shoppers, not to worry if you missed the event. An excellent variety of cookie gift tins are still available at Saks and on the MLTC gift tins website.
Photo of Miss Lilly Photo Above MLTC Gift Tins

In fact, come to Saks in Beverly Hills on Saturday December 11, 2010, from 2-4 PM to meet Flynn at the MLTC “Meet the Baker” event, get her suggestion as to the cookie that best suits you, and stock up for yourself and those on your gift giving list. Follow this Saks link for more details.

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