Honoring the Rescue Dogs of 9/11

September 9, 2010

Photo of Nine Eleven Commemorative Lights Shine Skyward Photo Credit Flickr Slagheap

On the anniversary of 9/11, I am taken back to the stirring vision of a massive hole in The Pentagon as a result of a terrorist’s suicide plane crash. I was out of town at the time the planes hit The Pentagon and The World Trade Center, but the tragic images are forever burned into my memory.

At the time, I was living in Washington, DC, and working at a veterinary hospital in Alexandria, VA, which is adjacent to The Pentagon and close enough that the plane’s impact was heard my hospital coworkers. Honestly, 9/11 was part of my impetus to leave the DC area, as the city became a hostile police state post-9/11. I found Seattle, then Los Angeles, to better suit my personal and professional desires and (hopefully) less likely to come under terrorist attack.

Rescue dogs were an integral part of the search for survivors in the wreckage left in the aftermath of 9/11 at The World Trade Center and The Pentagon. In commemoration of 9/11, I am inviting all of my pet blogging friends to join me in honoring hero dogs of 9/11.

Our friend, Kenn Bell of thedogfiles.com has created an AMAZING video in honor of 9/11 dogs; the unsung heroes in the fight against hate and ignorance.

I am asking you to please help us celebrate these brave canines by posting Kenn’s AMAZING video on your blog sometime between now and 9/11.

Together we can make this one count.

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Photo Credit Flickr Slagheap

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Dino Dogan September 10, 2010 at 6:43 AM

There is a lot of very interesting information in this post….thnx Pat.
From Wash -post 9/11- police state to it serving as an impetus to move …very very cool info…you dont hear this type of information too often.

thnx for spreading the word on Kenn’s video….awesome stuff 🙂

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