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March 19, 2011

The preparatory process is full swing for my veterinary philanthropic Amazon Cares trip to Peru in April 2011. A Yellow fever vaccination has been injected into my left tricep (ouch), an anti-Malaria and other prescription medications are ready to be picked up at the pharmacy, and I am working on my video blogging skills.

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Between the cost of travel and Amazon Cares’ fees, my financial needs to pursue this “vetunteering” (the veterinary version of volunteering) total approximately $3000.  Any donations received exceeding this amount will be further utilized by Amazon Cares.

Please help to fund my first veterinary philanthropic trip by making a tax deductible financial contribution of $25 (or more) to my Amazon Cares cause.

Please visit this Amazon Cares webpage to make a secure donation.

At the Donation Dedication prompt, please click “on behalf of” and write Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Then, type in Patrick@patrickmahaney.com under “please send acknowledgment of this gift to:”.

I will be writing and recording video blogs to share my experiences, so please sign up for (convenient) email delivery of my veterinary blog by following this link.

Thank you to all that have already given a financial donation to my Amazon Cares cause or gave me some publicity through Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets.


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