Dr. Patrick Mahaney Discusses JetSetVets on Pet World Insider Radio

July 12, 2013


I always enjoy any opportunity to spread my message of holistic pet health through media outlets.  I also appreciate the chance to discuss some of the new business ventures in which I participate, such as JetSetVets, an in-flight pet caretaking service offered by Blue Star Jets.

Pet World Insider Radio recently had me as a guest to share some of the details of this unique veterinary service (JetSetVets) that helps to ensure the betterment of clients’ pets in-flight and during the pre- and post-flight travel stages. Click here to listen to my Radio Segment on Pet World Radio. 


On this Pet World Radio Segment we sit down with A long time friend to Pet World Insider, Dr. Patrick Mahaney.  Dr. Mahaney joins us to discuss a brand new service for people traveling with pets or those who need to transport their ill pets – Jet Set Vets. C

Enjoy this Pet World Radio Segment in case a station near you does not currently carry Pet World Radio on the EMB network!

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TheOldBroad July 13, 2013 at 4:39 AM

Pretty impressive.

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